About Us

Our Story
Our Story begins and ends with Charles and Vicki Nielsen. Charles is a self taught musician who picked up the guitar at age 16.  He used his God given talent to create music that meant something to him. He married Vicki, the most beautiful and supportive wife, who gave him the courage and confidence to write music that would resonate with everyone. Over time, he refined his style and now gives you the music you hear today. A humble man with a love for music and life  gives you an amazing representation of classic songs and original music!
Aside from Vicki having an awesome voice and ability to find the perfect harmony, Charles daughter picked up the bass guitar and brings a rightous bottom and modern twist to all of his tunes! From the moment Pamala picked up the bass to play with her daddy, it was like.....magic! 
CAB Street band wouldn't be the same without the addition of  Jon Simons on keyboard. Jon has years of of experience and loves to show his ability on the keys.